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How can I refer a patient if I am a medical practitioner?
We accept referrals from allied health practitioners. However, patients will not get the full Medicare rebate. If injections are necessary then this cost could be significantly different therefore a GP referral is preferred in this circumstance.
How can I refer a patient if I am an allied health practitioner?
We ask all patients to have a referral from their GP prior to their appointment. However, we always greatly appreciate any information you have as to your assessment findings and management thus far to accompany their medical referral. Please send any referral or update via Medical Objects, email or fax.
Should I arrange imaging for my patient prior to their appointment?
Please include the details of any prior imaging in your referral, however we are happy to determine what imaging is required once we have assessed the patient if not performed already.
Can a Sport & Exercise Physician refer my patient for a rebateable MRI Scan?
As Specialists, Sport and Exercise Physicians can refer patients for rebateable MRI scans, on most body parts, provided they adhere to MBS rules.
Will my patient receive a rebate for ultrasound guided interventions if requested or deemed clinically necessary?
SEQSEM is an accredited diagnostic imaging service for ultrasound services and as such patients will receive a rebate towards any ultrasound service that fits under MBS rules. To access Medicare rebates for ultrasound services the patient must have a valid GP or medical specialist referral.

Due to legislation, procedures involving the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP) do not attract a Medicare rebate.